Something's not Right at the Wight

Jack arrived late in the evening, the inn was almost full up, luckily he found room in the stables and the innkeep Janelle was more then accommodating. It was a fairly uneventful evening, Jack talked to John, Marko talked to Lin and was continually rebuffed by the sea elf. Fillwitz and Halix kept to themselves, Fillwitz out of a sense of pride since he was above mingling with these commoners, Halix strictly because his client Xavkas needed protection, not a social butterfly. When night came everyone settled down for the evening with Janelle reminding guests to lock their doors. Jack took extra precautions and set up an alarm spell to ward his room against any intruders. They all drifted off to sleep, secure in their beds.

The next morning was much less uneventful. The storm raged outside, seeming to have grown in strength since the past night, even more troubling were the marks they all woke up with, to the last each of them shared the suspicious marks that Jack had come to investigate, long cuts along their arms and legs. Upon inspection the cuts were made by a blade of some sort, and the cuts themselves were quite steady, done by a practiced hand. Our heroes spent the morning investigating, or in the case of Jack healing the wounds of the other patrons. Several clues pointed to a guest named Lancel who protested his innocence, however Janelle had reservations about it being a guest. As the investigation progressed the characters approached Othian a half elven farmhand who lives in the hamlet. Othian was rather abrasive and after pushing Marko a bit too far ended up on the floor. He soon left the Inn, preferring to brave the storm rather then stay under this cursed Inn any longer. After asking all the patrons about the events of the evening, little was gained, and our heroes decided to search the rooms of the other patrons. Lancel was firmly behind the idea, and after professing his innocence through the morning was finally vindicated when nothing suspicious turned up in his room. Nothing suspicious turned up in anyone’s room for the most part, and after nearly coming to blows over searching Xavkas‘s belongings Marko and Halix seemed at an impasse. With a suggestion from Jack, the group decided to search Othian’s room, which naturally he was not around to protest. A simple bribe for Janelle to look the other way and a few of Fillwitz‘s lockpicking skills gained them entrance to Othian’s room. Finding a cloak that matched a scrap they discovered in Lancel‘s room, and a silver dagger sharpened to a razor’s edge was more evidence against Othian. Taking the objects to Janelle the heroes discovered that he is a simple farm hand for Melissa Grussing a local farmer with a Silveryweed farm on the outskirts of town. The heroes decided to brave the storm after getting some directions, and soon find themselves standing outside of the farm itself…


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